Melbourne Emergency Glass Repair

This is a huge thank you to Shawn at Melbourne Emergency Glass repair, who has been my first & very loyal customer. His glass replacement business is based in Frankston, Melbourne, Australia.

Melbourne emergency glass, cover a wide rage of glass repair services, ranging from a shattered door glass repair, breakages can most commonly happen from lawn mowing or a possible break in.

Mobile glass repair with Melbourne emergency glass repair

Furthermore Melbourne emergency glass repair, is a fast onsite & mobile window glass replacement specialist. With the specialised glass repair service vehicle it can cater for most emergency glass replacement within homes & onsite glass replacement.

Melbourne emergency glass repair

Guaranteed glass replacement at Melbourne emergency glass replacement

In addition Melbourne emergency glass replacement offers a guaranteed glass replacement, on all workmanship with any services that they provide for all customers that choose our services.

Shawn has been an experienced glazier for over a decade & covered many aspect of glazing techniques with the installation of window & door glass replacement.

All emergency glass repairs installed to Australian standards

Furthermore all window & door glass repairs are installed to Australian standards 1288. Most older windows have thin glass varying from 2 – 5mm glass. In its day it was the correct standard but as time has gone by home glass injuries were occurring.

Door & window glass injuries at home & how we can audit your glass

Many injuries have occurred at home from door & window glass breakages, more so in the past especially with full framed glass doors

Older glass doors just have normal annealed glass & when broken breaks into large pieces of extremely sharp & dangerous glass, with high risk of human injury & possibly death.

In conclusion, Melbourne emergency glass replacement can do an onsite audit if your older doors do have this older annealed glass installed & we can upgrade this to either toughened or laminated safety glass.

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